image Sheer Cover Mineral Cosmetics Review

I came across Sheer Cover on TV just under a year ago. At first, like most people I assumed that Sheer Cover would be too good to be true. Sheer Cover promised to hide blemishes, imperfections and large marks such as birth marks without being heavy on the skin. That I thought was a huge statement. Nonetheless I decided to do some home research, watched some video reviews and then went on the Sheer Cover website and without regret I ordered my first package!

What is Sheer Cover?

Sheer Cover mineral foundation is made up of 100 % natural pigments. Unlike most powders Sheer cover is extremely feather like in texture. The mineral foundation is made with skin calming botanicals, anti ageing ingredients such as tea green, and as well as having sun protecting agents.  Sheer Cover is soothing enough for those with sensitive skin as it does not contain any dyes, perfumes, oils or talc. The mineral foundation comes in four shades (light, medium, tan and dark). This brand implements a well-rounded skin regime so it’s of no surprise that there are extra products such as the concealer, skin cleansers, moisturizer and many other great products. All products are listed on the website.

What I order

Normally I order Mocha which is one half of the dark shade. I prefer to get the Mocha mineral foundation alone for £19 plus packaging, but at first I ordered the deluxe kit which I paid in 3 instalments. The deluxe kit consists of two shades of mineral foundations (4g each) in my case I took the dark shade which included Mocha and Almond. It also came with the duo concealer which also has two shades, one lighter than the other. On top of that I got all the brushes. Two brushes are for applying the foundation. One brush for use on the go, it is made in a way which allows you to put some mineral foundation into the stem of the brush and in turn allows you to use it wherever you are. The other brushes that also come with the deluxe kit are the concealer brush and eye shadow brushes. This package additionally came with special extras, these included the spf15 moisturizer  facial cleanser, extra length mascara and sheer colour compact. And if you feel like taking tips and secrets from Sheer cover specialist, they have added in the Sheer Cover application tips and tricks guide. The good thing about the deluxe kit is the fact that it comes with these brushes, up until now my brushes are in a good condition. I am able to wash them whenever I feel like they need to be cleaned and they feel as soft as they did when new.

Application of the make up

 The application of sheer cover is fairly simple, but from person to person it varies. The tips and tricks guide show users how to apply depending on how much coverage you are going for. The best trick is to lightly apply the brush on your skin in a circular motion starting with the edge of the cheeks. For those using the duo concealer you have the option of using the brush or your fingers, what ever suits the person best. Personally I found that the mineral foundation alone covers imperfections. I also like the spf15 moisturizer and cleanser, the cleanser for one makes your skin feel very soft and the moisturizer gives you great coverage without being too oily. What I would suggest is to wait about 3-5 minutes after applying the moisturizer as it needs some time to absorb into the skin.

 Benefits, results and advantages

There are many benefits of using Sheer Cover. Many women go through different make up brands and types in hope of finding the right make up. Sheer Cover has great results for many including myself. I find that the coverage is light yet gives great results. I have used other mineral foundations, but they just don’t give results like Sheer Cover.


There aren’t many disadvantages in using Sheer Cover. Having said this I find that ordering sheer cover online makes me slightly impatient and I also don’t like paying for the packaging. I would much rather go to a shop and buy it myself. Other than that I find that there are no disadvantages.


Overall I would give sheer cover 4 starts out of 5, I find Sheer Cover to be everything I hoped it would be. I would definitely recommend Sheer Cover.


 Hidaya Warsame


  1. Thank you for the review, i wasn’t sure if i should order it because it looked too good to be true, and the price including p&p put me off, but i will make it one of my new year resolutions (lol) , and try it myself.

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