image Bio Oil Review

I have been using Bio Oil for about two years now. Before purchasing this product I remember reading reviews about it online and it seemed really appealing.  I particularly wanted to use the Bio Oil for my uneven skin tone, stretch marks and scars.  So having done what I like to call online research, I then bought my first pack of Bio Oil.

What is Bio Oil?

Bio‑Oil is a high quality skin care oil that increases the recovery of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. In addition it also helps improve dehydrated and aging skin.

What is it made up of?

Bio Oil is made up of plant extracts and vitamins combined into an oil base. In addition, bio oil contains the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil. This particular ingredient is vital in making the consistency of the oil light and non-greasy.

My use of the product

I use Bio Oil almost every day; however I must admit that I use it whenever it suits me. I am not those users that apply the oil twice a day every day. Bio Oil should be used for a minimum of three months; therefore my continuity of its use is spot on. Its application is easy also, you simply rub around two drops to your skin, always avoid using too much as you will feel its heaviness on your skin.

Cost and packaging

You will find that the cost of the product isn’t too expensive as the 60ml costs £8.99 and 125ml costs £14.99. The packaging of the Bio Oil is very simple, it follows a white and orange theme, to me as a regular buyer it stands out and easily recognisable.


  • Scars/Uneven skin tone; having used this product for around 2 years, I must say that it slowly heals scars that I get after having spots. Having said this, I do find that I am slightly inpatient in regards to how long it takes to aid scaring disappear. Yet on the other hand, without the Bio Oil I know that the scaring would take even longer to fade away.
  • Stretch marks: When it comes to stretch marks, I am very lazy, I guess because it’s not on my face I always forget or just become too lazy to apply. So I will have to admit that on my behalf I have seen no results there.
  • Dehydrating skin: I find that the Bio Oil works at its best for me in terms of keeping my skin hydrated. I usually apply it and then occasionally massage the oil into the skin which leaves it feeling extremely soft the following morning. I have seen in some reviews that some find the oily consistency a weak factor as it gives them breakouts; I however have not experienced this. At first I was worried about having oil on my face as I worried about breakouts, but if you apply the right amount and wash your face thoroughly, hopefully the oil will work wonders on your skin

Overall conclusion

For me Bio Oil works perfectly in terms of hydration, for its effect on scars and uneven skin tone I must say is pretty good. Over all I would recommend the product but would advise that users bear in mind that for each skin type, its results will vary and your reaction to the product will too vary, but I hope that like me users are able to find its highly great potential.

4 Stars out 5


  1. After I read this post I would really consider to get Bio Oil myself.
    I saw it on the commercials but I usually don’t believe products like these.
    But seeing how you made your statements and let us know what the results truly were makes me believe more in de product. I also like the fact that you are honest about the lazy part.. 🙂

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