image Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm Review

What is Carmex

Carmex is a soothing lip balm that moisturises chapped lips, and helps with Cold sores. 

My everyday use of the Product

well, I usually use Carmex at home because of its heavy texture. This isn’t to say that it can’t be worn outside, but that’s just an issue I have myself. I absolutely love the tingly feeling of the menthol. I think that the menthol is what sets this brand of lip balm aside from many others, however  I do think that Blistex is quiet similar to Carmex. The product also comes in two flavours; the original one and the one with cherry. Both are as effective but, I do prefer the cherry flavoured one just because the texture of it is slightly easier in terms of applying the product. I find it quiet hard to apply when it’s very cold. Other than that, I must say that I live by Carmex and I highly recommend this product as it really does what it promises.

Product Packaging and Price

The lip balm comes in two different packages, I use the round 7.5g sized container. There is also the other one which comes in a tube. Both the containers are of a fairly decent size.  You will find the Carmex at around £2.69, which isn’t the cheapest of prices. But Carmex is a product that I need so £2.69 it shall be!

I give Carmex 4 stars out 5!!!

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