image Whats Your Favourite Make-Up Vox Pops

I wanted to carry out a small Vox pop asking people what their favourite make up brand is. Here are what they thought:

Intisaar, 20, Travel Agent, Dordrecht, Holland 

“Black opal, because just as the name says it’s dedicated towards the people who are dark-skinned. They have all kinds of products like foundations, loose powders, compressed powders etc.  I use that one all the time, it has good quality, but also comes with an affordable price, which I like very much. I also like MAC because they have all kinds of colour foundation too but it is pricey and that’s why I don’t really get that too often.”

Hanna, 20, Beauty Therapist, Acton West London

“MAC because it covers dark pigments on your skin to make it even”

Raxiima, 19, Travel Agent, Dordrecht, Holland

“MAC because it’s so good for your skin and for protecting against sweat, also there is not a lot of choice for a girl of my darker skin tone.”

Korima, 23, Care-worker, Shoreditch, East London

“urm, I wear a lot of MAC make up because it’s the closes shade to my skin colour”

Murayah, 20, Bill-Collector, Toronto, Canada

“MAC make up because their makeup variety is endless and they have all sorts of makeup options for every skin type and complexion. The quality of their make is of high-grade as well, so it can’t fail you.”

Bahja, 22, Student, Tulse Hill, South London

“MAC because it is a decent affordable prize and the make up is good quality”

Maryama, 23, Market Researcher, Southall, West London

” I don’t have a favourite but, I brought one recently, its MAC.”

Ilhan, 23, sales assistant, Ealing, West London

” My favourite make up brand would to be very typical. MAC and Bobby Brown. I love both equally, reasons being that they both cater to woman of colour and their selection of colours and products are endless. Not to mention, the price is not too bad.”

Deanna, 20, student, Sheperds Bush, West London

“No2 foundation, it gives a sort of natural look and enhances as opposed to it making you look fake.”

Amal, 21, student, Acton, West London

“MAC and Bonjour. It gives me a finished look and not too caked, depending on how much you apply. Also its a moderate price. For MAC I would buy their foundation. For Bonjour I would buy their eye shadow and their blushes. For mascara I would buy the Rimmel make or even Max Factor. For lipstick I would go for the make benefit and MAC.”

Randa, 20, admin, East Acton, West London

” MAC and Bobby Brown. MAC, I like it because it suits darker skin and there’s more variety and blending colours. Bobby Brown, because of their correction products for skin pigmentation, rather than just covering up skin pigmentation. The price is reasonable, but its value for money and the same for MAC and if it could be cheaper it would be better.”

Zaynab, 21, student, Walthamstow, East London

“MAC, because its natural and not natural but when you put in with your skin tone. The price for the foundation is okay. I can keep it for 3-4 months.”

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