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Just over two weeks ago, for the first time I walked into Lush Cosmetics and got super hooked. This particular store always caught my eye but for one reason or the other I just never walked in. I always assumed it was some sort of soap shop and had no idea that they not only sold the funkiest and most amazing soap, but cater for skin, hair, nails and plus more.

Lush Cosmetics are very ethical, they are in support of fair trade, so therefore they do not partake in any animal testing and all cosmetics are hand made with natural ingredients, so natural in fact that some are actually edible!

Upon my discovery of Lush, I walked away buying the Angels on Bare Skin cleanser and the Breath of Fresh Air toner.

Angels on bare skin:

Again with the Lush line, Angels on bare skin is made with 100% natural ingredients. The most vital ingredient in the cleanser is the sweet Almond which has been used across North Africa and the Middle East for centuries. It is known for toning, cleansing and brightening skin.  I fell in love with the fact that the cleanser smells amazing and it leaves your skin feeling baby soft.

Fresh of Breath Air Toner:

This toners main ingredients consists of fresh water and Aloe Vera. It can be used as a normal toner or can be used as a spray for re hydration. Lush have referred to this toner as not only a toner which it is, but works as an aromatherapy. I really love this product, I like its smell. It is also very good for value as you will see that Lush products are affordable.

For all those who do not know about Lush I would really recommend it. They have the most fun and out of this world products like their soaps that come in many different flavors. I have to say that once you enter Lush you will be hit by the most tropical and bold scents ever, so do check it out!

Hidaya Warsame

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