image Nail Polish Madness!

If there is such a thing as temporary addiction then I think  I have found a new obsession!

Every girl loves nail polish and changing up her nails every so often to follow the latest trend or even follow her hearts desire to let her nails do the speaking.

Lately I have taken a particular liking to colouring my nails using vivid colours and unusual textures. There is a new craze called the crackling effect or the smash it up effect which I like very much. I have kept a library of images each time I found myself changing up my nail polish that I will share, but before that here are my thoughts that picked up along the way of my nail mania!

Well, I’ve always been fond of nail polish, but as years go by its easy to pick up on the different consistencies of the polish your using.  Some brands offer a more water like consistency whilst some are on the thicker side. Both types have pros and cons. I find that with the water based nail polishes it allows easier application because it isn’t sticky. Having said this I do find that with water like polishes a second coat is most often needed which means drying will take longer.

Thicker polishes mean you only need one application, additionally it gives great coverage and shows off the colours to its full potential. The negative point about the thicker brands are the fact that when the polish is midway or close to finishing it becomes very sticky.  A trick that someone told me is to add a drop of nail polish remover which will help to bring back the consistency.

Here are some of my favorite brands:


Gelly Hi-Shine nail paint by Barry M

Miss Sporty


Models Own

Hidaya Warsame

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