image Easy steps to WOW nails

I have been submitting images of my nail designs for weeks now, however I have not been sharing the easy steps with you guys. For that reason I have decided to show the easy steps to achieving different designs.

I try to be artistic but I have to admit, I do go around on blogs and on other sources to find inspiration! I think its wonderful that people share their ideas so that we can all have fantastic looking nails without emptying our pockets. I do all my designs at home, and all my accessories and nail polishes cost me very little.

First Design



The products I used:

  • Collection- Hot Looks (47 milkshake)
  • Collection- Hot Looks (64 Hidden)
  • MUA Nail Constellation (Pisces)
  • Barry M- Blackberry
  • Nail Studs by Sparkly Nails ( This is an online nail supplier)
  • Picker uppers by Sparky Nails (Online nail supplier)
  1. To begin cover a first coat of the Collections nail polish in Milkshake on the thumb and repeat this step
  2. Whilst the nail is still wet, lay on 3 studs
  3. Use the wooden sticks to pick them up, these wooden sticks are very helpful
  4. Do the same steps on the index finger using  the Collections shade in Hidden, and then do the same for the middle finger.
  5. On the ring finger use the Barry M in BlackBerry.  The polish wont be visible, however I used it because its very close in colour to the nail constellation. Once you have finished applying the coat, start to apply the MUA nail constellation whilst the nail is still wet. this allows them to stick to your nail
  6. Leave the last finger plain and simple by only using the Collections in Milkshake
  7. Lastly to make sure the nail constellations stays on use a clear coat and go over it. This step is optional but I think it really helps, as I tried it with and without the extra coat on top

Second Design


The products I used:

  • MUA Nail Constellation (Pisces)
  • Collections- Hot Looks (47 Milkshake)
  • Collections 2000 Fast Stroke Eyeliner (Black)
  • Miss Sporty- Studio Lash- Metallic Eye Liner (Silver Flirt)
  • Collections- Hot Looks (64 Hidden)
  • Barry M (Blackberry)
  • London Girl (Clear)
  1. For the nails that have the MUA nail constellation, you need to apply the Barry M nail polish
  2. Whilst the nail is still wet, apply the nail constellation
  3. On the index finger, apply the Collections nail polish in Milkshake
  4. Then use the black eye liner to draw a line from the left and one from the  right at the bottom of the nail and connect at the top
  5. Around the inside of the black liner and the outside draw on the silver eyeliner
  6. When the black and silver eyeliner’s have dried apply a clear coat of polish
  7. Finally use the Collections shade in Hidden for the middle finger

I really hope that my steps are easy to understand. You can always mix it up and its all about experimenting with different nail accessories to find the look you’re going for. It is also important to note that nails are not just about colours but about different textures also.

Hidaya Warsame

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