image 3 Days 3 Reviews: Vatika Intensive Nourishment Conditioner

In the last 2 months I have come across what I can only describe as the best hair treatment for me!

I was introduced to this products whilst roaming through YouTube for some hair inspiration. I went through different reviews and found many talking about the great results of using Vatika.

Once my research was completed, I popped into my local hair store and purchased the Vatika Intensive Nourishment Hot Oil Treatment Conditioner along with the Olive and Cactus Oil from Vatika.

Today I will only review the Conditioner but be sure to read the Oil review tomorrow.


So what are the key ingredients in this product?

  • Egg – Repairs and strengthens hair from the roots.
  • Honey – Coats and conditions hair
  • Castor – Aids with hair growth.
  • Marrow – Penetrates hair shaft to nourish hair.

I must say that this conditioner not only makes my hair feel extremely soft, the results were quickly noticeable. I saw shine, moisture and volume. The Vatika Conditioner almost melts into the hair which makes application easy.

I find that with some of the other products that I tried, my hair was left feeling greasy and very heavy which is a big no no for me!

The conditioner also has a very distinctive scent, almost a musky like smell which I really like.

This product is a deep conditioner so I usually do a hot treatment around once a week. I divide my hair into 4 parts and apply the conditioner from root to tip. I then twist the quarterly parted hair and cover with a cap. I then heat my hair under a dryer for around 10-15 minutes.

As soon as I wash the Vatika off I see soft sheen hair and my curls look their best!

I highly recommend this product, not only is it good for value, the quality is what sets it aside. You really don’t need to empty your wallet for hair care.

Hidaya Warsame


  1. Now this is one product I love! It is absolutely amazing! It leaves my hair feeling like silk. I know my hair is well conditioned when I use this. It strengthens it and gives it body! Fantastic review!

    • Hi Zai,

      I’ve used the Vatika Intensive nourishment conditioner as a deep treatment. For me the best quality about this product is it’s conditioning element as it leaves hair feeling very treated and full of life. In terms of strenghtening the hair and scalp I would advise you to try the Cactus Oil from Vatika which helps with making hair fuller and enriching both your scalp and hair.

      Hidaya x

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