image 3 Reviews in 3 days: Dabur Vatika Olive Hair Oil

As promised I will be continuing the 3 reviews in 3 days by talking you through the wonders of Dabur’s Vatika Olive Hair Oil.


Before I begin, I am sure that some readers will be questioning the hype about Vatika, so did I at first. Like most I assumed it was a popular option because of the hype that surrounded the product, but you can never really know how good a product is unless you try it, so what did I do, I tried it!

Just to note, some consumers are easily drawn to buying all types of beauty products. Be sure to do you’re fair share of research before getting lured into spending you’re money. I know that every woman is after the best hair care, however compulsive over use of  101 million different products isn’t good hair care.

My Vatika journey

I have to admit that I first came across this olive hair oil in the midst of looking for Vatika’s Coconut Oil.  As an alternative I decided to purchase Vatika’s Olive Hair Oil which I can only describe as a great buy. I can really see the benefits of the olive oil as it leaves my scalp feeling very clean and my hair extremely soft and full of moisture. I do find that with some olive oils they do leave a very greasy like residue, that I did not see with the Vatika Olive Oil.

According to Vatika the hair oil has a unique formula that promises deeper oil penetration to give hair and scalp complete nourishment.  This was a promise that I noticed.

So what are the key ingredients in this great product?

All products from Vatika contain natural ingredients:

  • Almond: Coats, conditions and softens the hair.
  • Cactus: Gives the hair health and volume.
  • Lemon: Regulates sebum flow and helps keep scalp dandruff free.

I was very surprised to see Cactus included in the Oil. I know that there is also the option to purchase the other oil from Vatika that is made from mostly Cactus. The Cactus extract generates health and volume which is one of the key factor that women look for in great hair care.


The application of the olive oil is very straight forward, I tend to put couple of drops into my hair after I wash it.  However with most beauty products the amount of use is really up to the consumer. I know for me, I like to put my hair into French braids around 4 times in the week and before I do so I apply a generous amount of the Vatika Olive Oil. Usually most hair oils recommend a small amount to be used but I think it depends on the individual.

For those users who want a more a higher level of nourishment, it is advised to wrap the hair in a hot towel. Additionally users can apply a very generous amount of the oil an hour or 2 before washing hair.


The scent of the olive oil is not a strong one. I wouldn’t say that it is a scent that is easy to describe, once again it isn’t over powering which I see as an extra.


Overall I am very pleased to have come across the Vatika range and the olive oil from Vatika. I have literally just finished my first bottle and will be going out to buy some more. I do hope that my review is somewhat helpful. I like to review products which I benefit from so that others can too.

Be sure to catch my final Vatika review ( Vatika coconut oil) which will round-up my 3 reviews in 3 days!

Hidaya Warsame


  1. I used the Shielo Hair Oil first on my totally dry hair (I only wash it twice a week). I was instantly AMAZED not only at the incredibly spicy aroma of the product, but the texture, and what it did for my ENDS! The curls popped back out, the frizz went away, and my hair truly shined so bright, I felt like I had the sun on my head! Again, I am amazed by Shielo – and all ya need, even for super crazy long hair like mine, is a size of a DIME squirted into your palm – rub it around your hands, and apply to every strand (I avoid the scalp area cuz that just is never, ever dry).

  2. I use the cactus hair falling oil, shampoo and styling cream and one word AMAZING finally something that has worked. The product does work it is all natural the oils does exactly what the bottle says. I would recommend cactus hair oil for anyone suffering from hair loss or thinning hair. Also all the other oils are really good anyone looking for thicker strong hair to either chose coconut oil or almond oil in this brand. Amazon sells all vatika products, trust me you wont be disappointed.

  3. Is it okay if I use the dabur vatika coconut oil? I did have massive amounts of hair fall and stopped but people say its normal at first then eventually stops. Would your recommend me using this or olive oil?

    • Hi Simmi,

      If you are seeing hair loss as a result of using the Coconut Oil then I would advise you to stop using it. I too notice hair loss here and there after brushing hair etc. You should really try using the Cactus Oil from Vatika which is great for strenghtening hair and scalp and helping with hair loss control. Hope you are able to try this product with good results.

      Hidaya x

  4. Iam using this product since 1 month , i never recommend this product to anyone because I’m doubted that this product is made up of loosing the hair and not for growing because of this shit my head is now almost like a desert and I threw it to garbage

    • Hi Vinay,

      I haven’t used this product personally, however after researching, I can tell you that the Vatika Olive Oil Shampoo contains many natural ingredients that are great for your hair such as the Henna which works wonderfully for conditioning and keeping your hair strong. It also contains the Olive Oil which protects and and keeps your hair healthy. The shampoo does however contain chemicals, so if you are someone who uses only 100% natural shampoos then this may not be suitable for you. If not then it should work fine. I hope that helps.

  5. hi..i have so much hair fall i have wish the try Vatika Olive Oil but have comfusion that its do work or not..please give mi right succession.

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