3 Reviews in 3 Days: Vatika Coconut Oil

Surprisingly, coconut oil has recently made its way to recognition as one of the most spoken about beauty must haves. Recent studies have shown that coconut oil is characterized in a way that allows it to work wonders, not just on hair but skin too.

Coconut oil has been proven to act as a sealant and a hair protein rejuvenator. This distinctive oil also sustains the moisturisation of the hair fiber in means other oils just cannot. One of the key factors is the lightness of the oil that allows it to be fully absorbed into the hair.

Is there anything coconut oil can’t be used for? I highly doubt it, as we all know, coconut oil is used in cooking, as the oil has been demonstrated to lower cholesterol.

Coconut oil is also used for the skin. Many commercial moisturizers are water based which eventually dry out the skin. Using coconut on the other hand leaves skin very moisturized as it goes far below the surface of the skin to allow deep moisture.

Enough with the never-ending benefits of coconut oil, let’s focus on the Vatika Coconut oil which I have taken a particular liking to.

vatika coconut oil

As mentioned before in my first review on Vatika, I was on a search for the next best hair care. I researched and found that many women were speaking of the wonders of coconut oil and in particular the coconut oil by Vatika.

Vatika is a unique hair oil enriched with Henna, Lemon, Amla and several other quality herbs. Vatika ensures deeper oil penetration to offer your hair and scalp absolute nourishment.

So what are key ingredients of this product?

  • Coconut oil– stimulates hair growth & nourishment
  • Amla– strengthens the root of hair to help sustain the health and thickness of hair
  • Henna- coats your hair & protects hair from oxidation by maintaining its natural colour
  • Lemon– combats dandruff and controls sebum flow
  • Neem–  fights against hair fall

There are other key ingredients such as:

  • Harar
  • Bahera
  • Brahmi
  • Kapur Kachari

I have to say that this coconut oil leaves my hair looking very healthy and full of shine. The oil also makes my hair feel very soft. I have tried another brand of coconut oil but I found it leaving my hair slightly crispy as if I had applied gel on my hair!

In the process of my research I noticed that some reviewers said the coconut oil would leave a tingly sensation on the scalp luckily I didn’t witness any of that.


The coconut oil can be applied on a day-to-day basis. For extra nourishment it is advised that users apply a generous amount of the oil to the hair, cover with a cap and leave overnight.

I tried that and the results were truly amazing. Last week I drenched the oil into my hair, covered my hair and then in the morning I washed off the oil, In addition I also used the deep conditioner by Vatika which was like being in hair heaven!


The scent of the coconut oil is slightly strong and very sweet. It almost reminds me of coconut with a hint of chocolate. Personally, I like the scent, however I know that some might find it highly scented.


The only fault that I can find with the product is the packaging. The coconut oil is in solid formation and requires heat to allow users to gain access to it.

I usually boil water and pour into a plastic bowl. I then place the Vatika Coconut Oil into the bowl and wait for it to change consistency.

Some people place the product into a microwave, but I prefer using the above method.

Overall view of product

My view of Vatika’s Coconut Oil is simple; I truly believe in its wonders and believe in the benefits of natural ingredients which the Vatika range pushes. All the herbs included in the product promote different advantaged that great hair care should offer.

We are in a time were most hair care products resort to unknown and unnatural ingredients, so I think it’s a breath of fresh air to see a range of hair care that strives to remain natural.

Once again, I hope my review has been helpful and be sure to check out future reviews, but this article here completes my 3 reviews in 3 days.

Hidaya Warsame


  1. Great review! I love coconut oil, amla, henna, neem, brahmi and the list goes on….but for whatever reason, this product left my hair feeling incredibly dry! Just as you explained your experience with other coconut oils, that was my experience with this one! I had high hopes, but I was sadly disappointed.

    • Hi Gul,

      Thank you very much for your comment. Coconut oil has several beneficial properties and can in fact be used for hair, skin and cooking. I am no expert, but I do know that Coconut oil is better to use than normal cooking oils

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