Vatika Cactus Hair Oil review

Vatika’s hair range has quickly become a re-occurring favourite in my conquest of attaining healthy hair. Having tried several different brands, I think that I’ve finally found a hair oil that I will continue to use for a very long time. I thought that It would be a great idea to review Vatika’s Cactus hair oil after months of using to truly review the product. So here it goes…


I will begin by declaring my absolute love of Vatika’s Cactus hair oil! The oil leaves my hair feeling extremely soft and nourished and not to mention the gorgeous scent. This oil is made up of amazing products suited perfectly for my curls  which, through the years have begun thinning.

So what are the key ingredients?

  • Cactus & Garlic–  Works wonders at preventing  hair loss and aids in thickening hair.
  • Garger– Helps with nourishing hair from root to tips.

How I apply the product?

I usually apply the oil to damp hair and I then usually let my hair air dry resulting in beautiful and tamed curls. I like applying a generous amount meaning that I can go two days without applying more hair oil. By the second day my hair feels very soft all while being rejuvenated.

Available in Superdrugs, Afro-Caribbean hair stores and on-line.

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