NYX HD Primer

I’m not one for wearing heavy makeup every day, however we all have that one statement piece in our makeup bag that we just cannot live without. And for me among my nail polish and eye brow pencil is my primer… well that is the case as of lately!

I brought my first primer a couple of months ago in the hope of making my skin look that more matte without having to apply a powder or foundation. What I love about wearing a primer is the fact that its light on my skin and that a little goes a long way. In my case wearing a primer means I have the choice of applying it where I want, this is because I have combination skin, I steer clear of apply the product near my mouth where my skin is more dryer. I lightly dab a pea size amount on my forehead and on my cheeks and then I’m ready to go.

NYX HD Primer



This primer is silicone free, talc free and paraben free which sounds promising and great for those with sensitive skin. It also works great as a base for makeup which the product is designed for. I think where I see the downfall is the pasty finish that the product leaves.
Having said this, the NYX HD primer really does work well at covering and creating a clean and even finish. The primer does in fact do what it promises which is to hold and aid make and although this doesn’t work for how I apply my make up or no makeup, I really believe that the NYX HD primer is a great product to accompany a flawless make up application.

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