Sanctuary 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask Review

This is the first review of 3, which I plan on posting over the week.


I will begin my series of reviews, kicking off with the 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask!

When I popped into boots to begin shopping around for products, I didn’t intend on buying this particular mask. After scanning the aisle for some time I was eventually sold on the mask but perhaps for its thermal factor. In fact, I had gone in the store to buy several items, one of which was the Radiance Exfoliator.

First impressions 

My instant reaction of when I had applied the product for the first time was somewhere between ‘wow’ I love the feeling of the warm mask on my skin, but also a ‘hmm I hope its more than just a warm mask’. Luckily, the clay mask really did prove to be more than a thermal mask.

I also like the look and packaging of the product which isn’t a big factor, but does make me appreciate it just that much more!

And most importantly, I love how soft it makes my skin after I wash off the product, however I must say that my least favourite part of it all is the washing off process! Nonetheless, the product deep cleanses as promised and gives my skin a break from all the pollution and dirt that we’re exposed to in our day to day life.

And although I’ve only used the Thermal Detox Mask for a short time, I can say that I have warmed to it, and intend on re-purchasing it once it finishes. I find that using it twice a week works just fine for me, although it may differ depending on your skin type.

I will be looking into other products from Sanctuary because I’m really pleased with the products that I have tried out thus far. I may do an updated review sometimes in the near future just to show an extended review.

I purchased the 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask from Boots for £10.50, however you can also purchase it on their website.

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