Why Dabur Vatika hair care is a favourite

If you’ve come across my blog then you will probably know that I have a special place in my heart for the Vatika hair range. I’ve tried and tested many of their products and luckily for me, I’ve come across some keepers.

I love it for its oils

vatika cactus hair oil
vatika cactus hair oil

My hair loves oil so it’s only natural that I want to find the best oils out there. I mean no one wants an oil that will leave your scalp clogged or your feeling uncomfortably heavy. This is why the Vatika Cactus Oil is my favourite hair oil by far. Click here for a look at my short review of this oil.

When something works wonders, you never want to stop using it and that’s also been the case with Vatika’s deep hair conditioners. While I wrote a review on the Intensive Nourishment Conditioner, I’ve used a few others such as the Vatika Virgin Olive Hair Mask, which I absolutely love. These conditioners work so well at rejuvenating your hair and leaving each strand of hair full of life. I also like the slip of these conditioners. I would recommend reaching for these conditioners when your hair needs some extra TLC. I mean why not pamper your hair for an hour or so! The results are instant.

Natural Ingredients

Another big reason why I just love the Vatika hair range is because of their use of natural ingredients. (Just a small disclaimer, there are chemicals in these products.) When I was younger, my mother would make me and sister DIY hair masks and treatments at home, using many of the ingredient used in these products such as Henna which conditions and strengthens hair. She would also drench our hair in olive oil for an hour or two before washing it out. Black seed oil was another favourite that my mother would use. A big part of me falling in love with these products perhaps relate to the fact that I am somewhat familiar with some of the ingredients.

Money, money, money

Many people still think that hair care should be expensive and I disagree. I purchased the Vatika Cactus Oil for £2.99 yesterday which is fantastic. The price has no reflection on how wonderful this oil works.

I have also heard about the Vatika Natural hair shampoos and conditioners, however I haven’t tried these just yet. I am currently using an all-natural shampoo which works so well on my hair and I don’t want to try anything else just yet. But back to my love for this hair care… where was I, yes the price, I honestly think that the price bears no reflection on their use of great ingredients, its ability to make your hair feel alive and not forgetting, the wonderful scent these products leave on your hair.  

If you want to have a look at some of my reviews of the Vatika hair range, I will leave a few linksss below.

I do hope to continue using the Vatika hair care range and hope to share some of their newer products with you in the near future.




Hidaya x

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