25 Facts About Me!

I probably come across as very anonymous which isn’t very surprising being the person that I am. I do however want to change that and where better to start! My blog is the perfect place to share some random facts about myself and who knows, maybe this will play out in my everyday life. FYI- I got the inspiration after reading a fellow blogger so please bear with me as this may become a little lengthy! 

Colourful polka dots
Colourful polka dots

  1. I love nail polish, especially neutral colours
  2. I love the idea of travelling around and plan on doing a big round the world trip in the near future
  3. Louis Cole (funforloius) is my favourite Youtuber
  4. Strangely enough, Geography was one of my favourites subjects in high school 
  5. I started this blog as an assignment for university
  6. Following from the last point, bitesoftheworld isn’t the best name for my blog as it started out as a food and travel blog, but I never had the guts to change it so I guess it will do!
  7. I cannot leave my house without drawing on my eyebrows! They’re slightly bushy and natural so I have to tame them somehow! 
  8. I have a huge fear of flying, which I guess isn’t ideal for someone who is fascinated by different cultures and travel
  9. I work as a marketing/HR executive in a translation company and I love my job
  10. I appreciate all seasons of the year, including winter
  11. I love Pretty Little Liars and I’m still trying to process the season finale!! A got us good
  12. I love my family and I wish we had more time to see each other daily
  13. I love interior design, which I have recently discovered
  14. I miss renting movies from places like Blockbusters, I feel like there was this momentum and excitement involved
  15. I want to travel to every continent by the age of 30, I’m 25 and I’ve been to 3 so it sounds realistic
  16. I love traveling on London buses, especially in Central London, the views are beautiful
  17. I haven’t travelled in the UK much, but I really should start
  18. I watch YouTube more than I watch the television
  19. I have a great appreciation for chocolate
  20. I love swimming but I have a fear of drowning so I never swim in the deep end, actually I never have and never will!
  21. I studies journalism at University
  22. I love deep conditioners, I swear by them!
  23. I also love hair oils which I have written about 
  24. People always assume I’m much younger than I am
  25. I’ve had this blog for around 3 years now! Time really does fly

So there you have it, 25 facts about me, I hope this was insightful in a way. I do hope to write other posts similar to this one.

Have a happy Friday!


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