Superdrug’s Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash Review

Today I will be reviewing the Tea Tree Foaming Wash from Superdrugs.

Why I purchased the product

In the last two months I have been noticing a few spots on my cheeks. I have combination skin but my problem area is my forehead where I normally break out. For this reason, I wanted to find a solution to my problem and so I decided to try my hands on Superdrug’s Tea tree Foaming Face Wash.

Benefit of Tea Tree on the skin

  • Anti-bacterial properties
  • Helps treat acne because of its soothing and antibacterial properties
  •  Promotes clearer complexion
  • Among these benefits for the skin, Tea Tree is also used to treat numerous other conditions such as dandruff, nail infections, sore throat etc

My thoughts of Superdrug’s Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash

I’ve been using the Tea Tree Face Wash for a number of weeks now and while its still early days, I have noticed that the number of new spots appearing on my cheeks have decreased. I can’t confirm if its just down to the Tee Tree, however I do think it is a contributor.

I also love how clean it makes my skin feel and more than that, I really like the sharp scent of the Tea Tree.

How I use the Tea Tree Face Wash

I use the face wash every morning and evening. I also use it on days where I use my facial scrub just to ensure that my skin is squeaky clean! I also use it with my Vitagoods Spin For Perfect Skin Spinner. ( Click on this link to see what I thought of the Vitagoods product )

Overall conclusion

I’m pretty pleased with the face wash and while I am not expecting a miracle, I do love the scent and how fresh my skin feel after using the Tea Tree Face Wash.

What are some of your go-to Tea Tree face washes or Tea Tree products, please share your favourites with me.

You can purchase Superdrug’s Tea Tree Face Wash for £3.29


  1. I am nearly 51 and have a bad break out of acne it’s really sore and I am embarrassed at work,, I’ve tried everything nothing works, I hit badly burnt I’m my 20s my skin cannot produce the superdrug teatree facial wash any good…

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