2015 in Blogging-Annual Report

As 2016 swiftly creeps into existence and 2015 makes it’s final exit, its only right that I share some of my greatest moments with you!

WordPress have put together an amazing annual report which is both informative and walk down memory lane. The data highlights pivotal momens such as the busiest day on my blog which happened to be the day that I posted ‘Dabur Vatika Virgin Olive Deep Conditioning Mask Review’ 

Not only this but the Annual Report shares additional  significant dates where my blog has perfomed well. It is really great to see the work that I have put in throughout 2015, and this further motivates me to work even harder in 2016. I intend on posting more frequently, moreover I hope to be more organised and expand the type of content that I share with you.

Although my blog has plenty of room to grow, there is no doubt that it has come leaps and bounds in comparison to were it was 4 years prior. My blog is no longer in the direction that it was in the early days. The food filled blog that I started at university for an assessment, slowly grew and became the nail and beauty blog which it is today.

Beauty & Nails is now a developing blog that I am very proud of and one which I see growing alongside my creativity. In this year alone, my posts have been viewed in 98 countries which is incredible. And while my stats aren’t as big in numbers in comparison to other blogs, this is a great achievement for me.

I have many ideas flying around, and I will kick off 2016 in style by bringing you 2 reviews in 2 days, which is a similar to my 3 reviews in 3 days posts. 

I will be reviewing a shampoo line which I have been using over the last few months. I have found an affordable Paraben free shampoo and conditioner range that I will review in the New Year, so be on the look-out for these. Skincare is another big one for me and I will share my new routine with you all. You probably live under a rock if you haven’t heard about the craze which is Korean skin care so I have a little something to share with you regarding this. I will also share my  facial massage routine with you all and the benefits of doing at home facials which is both beneficial physically and good for saving some extra change! These are just a few bits and pieces planned that will go live in the first month of 2016, and ofcourse I cannot go without sharing some of my favourite nail products with you!

If you want to take a walk down my blog in numbers, please click on this link. 

What are some of your greatest moments in 2015?

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