Murad Environmental Shield Essential-C Toner Review

Murad’s Essential-C Toner will be the final product I review from the Environmental Shield line. If you’ve missed it, I’ve reviewed the Essential-C Cleanser, Instant Radiance Eye Cream and the Advanced Active Radiance Serum.


What is the Essential-C Toner

Murad’s Essential-C Toner hydrates, balances and restores the skin. It acts as a protectant, restoring the skin’s natural PH balance. The toner also renews sun and environmentally damaged skin as well as preventing  future damage.

Key ingredients

  • Amino Acid complex- Acts as the foundation for healthy skin
  • Witch Hazel- Tightens and decreases the size of pores without drying skin
  • Bitter Orange and Coneflower Extract-Protects and defends the skin’s natural defense system
  • Sodium PCA- Increases water to the skin

How I use the Essential-C Toner

I normally spray the product over cleansed skin. It is recommended that you wipe with a cotton pad, however I spray directly onto my skin and wait for the product to dry.

My overall conclusion

Murad’s Essential-C Toner has been part of my regimen for over 4 months and in this short period, the appearance of my pores have improved as well as the overall condition of my skin. I’ve tried and tested toners from other brands and always found that my skin was left dry, however with Murad’s Essential-C Toner, this is never the case. It’s frustrating to go from one toner and to another only to find the same disappointing results. If like me, you suffer from combination/dry skin, which is magnified in the winter season, then I’m sure you can understand the hardship of finding the right toner. I love how Murad’s Essential-C Toner hydrates and cleanses my skin, not only this but the light citrus scent of the product is a plus!

Murad’s Essential-C Toner is by far the best toner I’ve used and although it retails for £25.00 it stretches far. I’ve had this bottle for over 4 months and surprisingly, I still have some product left to use.

Murad’s Essential-C Toner is available from Murad and Debenhams.


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